York County roads department out in force Sunday; commissioner chair asks for patience, offers help for livestock producers

YORK COUNTY – Sunday morning, Jan. 14, York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier said the county’s road crews are “out in force this morning, doing all they can, to open roads.”

The York County Roads Department is responsible for 1,100 miles of rural roads, so the task is a daunting one.

“We have 13 patrols (maintainers) out right now, as well as trucks with blades,” Obermier said. “Yesterday, some of our machines got stuck while trying to move snow, so it’s been a real challenge. They are continuing to move snow, to get roads open. But we just ask for everyone to be patient.”

He said the county has 14 maintainers, but one of those machines is down at this time.

He also said if livestock producers need help getting to their animals, they can call the roads department at 362-5573, for help getting to them.

“I had a call yesterday from a producer who had not been able to get to his livestock yet, since the snowstorm hit, so we know that can be a real problem,” Obermier said. “They can call the roads department and we will try to offer them assistance in getting to their animals if necessary.”

Obermier also said the county signed off on a statewide emergency declaration on Saturday, “which basically says everyone needs to stay home if possible. It’s my understanding that if there is a medical emergency, everything will be done to assist getting ambulances, response vehicles, to those scenes. There was a medical emergency yesterday in the Waco area and a loader was used to help get first responders to the scene. But if there is an emergency, it will likely take time for responders to get there.”




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