NPPD, city continue long relationship as energy partners

YORK – Representatives of the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) met with the York City Council this past week, to talk about the longstanding relationship between the two entities.

NPPD’s Craig Vincent talked about how NPPD has been York’s energy supplier since the 1940s.

The retail division serves York, under a long-time contract. The city owns most of the electrical system and NPPD leases it back. NPPD pays York lease payments and NPPD takes care of all the electrical needs within the city.

“We have had a long relationship with York as an energy partner,” Vincent said. “We are working with Olssons at this time on the master planning for the city’s new industrial park, as an example.”

The existence of NPPD’s operation center is a plus for the city in a multitude of ways, including sales tax revenues, immediate responses, workforce and more.

NPPD collected and remitted in 2023 $1,792,327.73 in lease payments. In 2022, $272,073 was paid in city sales tax to York and $445,195 in city sales tax paid to vendors. In 2022, $695,512 in gross revenue tax was paid to York County. Andin 2022, $69,675 in energy efficient incentives were received by customers in York.

“And the city has the benefit of all our new technologies, like sharing meter data,” Vincent said.

NPPD has also always been a big partner in the furtherance of economic development in York.

And as Vincent said, all communities are seeing improvements with telecommunications – NPPD continues to work with that process and the companies making it happen.

“Regarding affordability, we are very proud as we measure ourselves against other power suppliers,” Vincent said. “We strive to be the in the lowest 15% and we have managed to get into the bottom 3%.”

NPPD has held its rates the same for the last 11 years.

Vincent noted the nation is seeing a record growth in the need for power production – with that comes the creation of new sources and transmission services, as well as growth in the power production workforce.

“NPPD has been a great partner for the city, this has been an important relationship,” Mayor Barry Redfern acknowledged.

Councilman Stephen Postier asked how NPPD prioritizes projects for carbon-free sources. NPPD representatives said they look at the best cost effectiveness for customers.

Councilman Jerry Wilkinson asked, “How concerned should we be about cyber-attacks to the system and the grid?”

NPPD representatives said, “Very concerned. NPPD has participated in a national exercise regarding such a possible event, we looked at many scenarios. Be concerned and diligent because bad actors are out there. We are working very hard to protect the grid.”


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