Land use, pedestrian project, business additions to be looked at when it comes to York interchange

YORK – York apparently has an enviable problem in that so many potential projects could take place at the I-80 interchange area, it has become necessary for the city to hire a consultant to move forward.

The city has already received a multi-million-dollar grant to enhance pedestrian mobility throughout the city through the trail system as well as at the interchange where a pedestrian bridge will be constructed over Highway 81. This project, within itself, already requires a great deal of planning and study before it can physically take place.

Now add to that proposals for numerous projects at the interchange area . . . and it becomes clear the city will need to consider numerous things via a consultant regarding land use (type and density), roadway corridors, utility improvements, green space and amenities, public sector initiatives, private sector initiatives, possible updates to existing zoning ordinances and development regulations.

The city has hired Olsson inc. to provide a Gateway Development Plan to guide officials and businesses through the process.

“Basically, this is the situation,” said Mayor Barry Redfern. “We have people coming in every day with projects and we need to know how all of this will work.”

In 2023, the city expanded tax increment financing areas and housing zoning which has likely also contributed to the explosion of interest and potential investment.

In the future, the city will have a one-day event to gather input about development in the interchange area.

“We have a lot of things, a lot of projects people want to do out there and we need to figure this all out,” Redfern said.

Olssons have done a lot of work with the city in the past and the company is very familiar with the nuances of York, its infrastructure, land use, etc.

“We just need to get all this figured out,” Redfern said.

York City Administrator Sue Crawford said the chief engineer on this development project will be the same as with the trail system project.

The company will begin work immediately with information soon to come to the council. The public input event will take place before the end of the month.


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