York Adopt A Pet – Clearing the shelter

By Debbie Sanders, York Adopt A Pet

Clearing the shelter.

You may hear that from us or other shelters from time to time. It has been the ultimate goal of York Adopt A Pet since January of 2023. What does that actually mean?  We want all the strays to be reclaimed by their owners and we want to find suitable and approved homes for strays, relinquishments and abandoned pets at the shelter.

In 2023 we had approximately 612 pets enter the shelter which included 283 cats and 329 dogs. We have had a total of 214 pets be reclaimed by their owners — 177 dogs and 37 cats. We had a total of 199 cats and 148 dogs be adopted in 2023. The percentage of pets adopted for over the last four years averages to about 89%. This total includes all the cats and dogs brought to the shelter but not reclaimed.

We have nine cats and dogs who have been here a total of 5,791 days. We would love to get them into their forever homes. These pets would include:

  • Gussie is a 10-year-old female tabby who loves her own space away from everyone. She has been at the shelter 1,434 days.
  • Brooke is a 3-4-year-old female black cat. She is very independent and has been at the shelter 1,009 days
  • MooShoo is an 8-year-old, buff and white spayed female cat. She is a normal cat, who understands not all humans are bad. She has been at the shelter 887 days.
  • Trudy is a grey and white spayed female about 2 ½ years old. She likes her space but also loves getting attention. She has been at the shelter for 596 days.
  • Trilley is a 4 ½-year-old white and black domestic short hair cat. She is sweet, easy to get along with and has been at the shelter for 483 days.
  • Denise is a 2-year-old spayed grey and white domestic short hair female. She is very sweet and friendly. She has been overlooked for 460 days.
  • Maya is a 2-year-old female white and grey cat. She is very sweet. She has Stomatitis and has had a few teeth removed. She has been at the shelter 412 days
  • Turbo who is a 2-year-old neutered black lab retriever mix. He is very dog friendly, loves playing fetch, going for walks, playing with other dogs. He’s been at the shelter 482 days.
  • Captain Crunch is a male German Shepherd/Husky cross and will be two years old in March. He is a little cautious when it comes to meeting new people. He has been at the shelter about 440 days.

Several of these cats and dogs have a sponsorship for their adoption fee. So, it may be lowered or paid in full.  Our current adoption fees for dogs average about $200 and $60 for cats. This fee includes a spay or neutered pet with a current rabies vaccine. The dogs will be vaccinated for Kennel Cough, Distemper and Parvo. Dogs will also be heartworm tested. The cats are vaccinated against Distemper and Rhinotracheitis. They will also be tested for FeLV/FIV. The price is very reasonable considering everything you are getting.

I would especially like to see these pets find their forever homes. Help us clear the shelter. These nine have been here much longer than a year.  If we were to add their days all up it would total almost 16 years combined or about two years each. Wouldn’t it be nice to get those pets into their forever homes?   Help us make their goal come true.

We have some amazing cats and dogs that would make a great pet for you. Please call the shelter and include your needs and likes. We can always pair you with an animal if you are not sure which one would be best for you.

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