The World According to Rico – Resolutions made, lessons learned

I guess I have now lived through something called the holiday season.

I had a wonderful Christmas alone with my folks, during which I experienced my first real snow and received some presents. I have too many things, including a stuffed Santa, a reindeer, a cow, my Lammy, Crazy Monkey, the well-used ferret, balls, old shoes and of course, toilet paper rolls which appear from out of nowhere.

Then, amazingly, just a week later, we went through something called The New Year.

I spent a little quality time with my mama as New Year’s Eve approached, during which she talked about the effort to make changes in the new year. We devised some things called resolutions which the two of us will pursue together:

  • Buy a set of cold-weather clothes for her so she doesn’t suffer so much while freezing to death at the dog park each day while I run naked and free in my built-in fur coat.
  • I will try to leave her alone while she works on her computer, at least 10% more than I do now. It will be hard to not pull on her socks, nibble at her elbows and pounce on her keyboard, but I will try until at least Jan. 3.
  • I will not take offense to the dog who growls at me during our daily excursions. Mom says some people growl too, but by turning the other cheek we will feel more happiness and spend less time emersed in ill will.
  • We will strive to move on from things that happened in the last year and only look forward to the future. The two of us faced challenges in 2023 and we are still standing here in the start of 2024. That’s pretty cool. We don’t know what the new year will bring, but we will be grateful for each day.
  • She’ll continue to marvel at how I’ve developed and I will revel in the fact she has somehow trained me to do things.

Another thing I learned over the course of the New Year’s weekend was how fortunate I am. When we were walking New Year’s Day, I heard a lady tell my mom how last Saturday, one of our dog mom friends made a late-afternoon visit to the dog park, right before the sun went down. Often, me and mom are there that time of day but on that particular date we went earlier because of Mom’s work.

Anyway, the lady said the dog mom was shocked to find a little short-haired puppy all alone inside the fence. There were no humans around, except for her. Now, the York Dog Park is normally a happy place, really my happiest place on earth, but I can’t imagine being there all alone as the sun is getting ready to set, let alone in the impending dark.

The dog mom knew the puppy needed help so she scooped him up and took him with her and her little yipper. They went to the local authorities/rescuers and it was discovered the dog was chipped.

Now the lady telling mom the story said the owners of the dog were contacted – they could find them because he was chipped – and amazingly his family said they didn’t want him any longer.

When the lady said this, my heart broke and I didn’t want to play. I just wanted to leap into my mom’s arms and lick her face.

“They said they didn’t want the puppy anymore,” the sad and exasperated lady said. “If they didn’t want him, they could have just taken him to Adopt A Pet or the police and they would have just accepted him. But instead, they left him in an empty dog park which would have been pitch dark very soon and no one would have been here until morning. He surely would have frozen to death during the night if she hadn’t found him. It’s just so sad and sickening.”

Now, the story does have a happy ending, if you can get past the horrible start. The lady told my mom the puppy already has a new home, with someone who will love him and not abandon him. He spent New Year’s Eve in his new, warm, welcoming home where he will stay.

Wow, did I learn a year-end lesson which added another goal to my list of resolutions. I will be grateful, daily, as we all should, that I have a warm home with a family who cares for me. I have a house and food and daily affection. That’s all we really need anyway.



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