York County Commissioners approve multiple motor vehicle tax exemptions for the year

YORK – “Well, they are allowed to do it so I guess we say yes.”

That particular sentence was said several times this week, as the York County Commissioners – convened as the board of equalization – considered many motor vehicle exemptions for non-profit organizations.

State statute allows for these exemptions, when it pertains to qualified organizations.

York County Commissioner Stan Boehr said he didn’t personally believe any of the exemptions should take place, “but again, they can have the exemptions so I guess we have to vote yes.”

All the exemptions were recommended by the county treasurer, based on statutory allowances.

“I think some of them are fine but I think others are ridiculous,” Boehr said further. “But state law says it’s fine.”

The ongoing exemptions – those which have been previously approved – are presented at the end of each calendar year for blanket approval by the county board.

Entities which have motor vehicle exemptions are: York General Health Care Services, York University, York Adopt A Pet, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Renewed Horizon, Mosaic, Nebraska Lutheran high School, Henderson Health Care Services, Grace Children’s Home, Columbus Rescue Mission dba Living Water Rescue Mission, Bethesda Mennonite Church and Epworth Village.

The commissioners unanimously agreed to the exemptions.

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