Rural county resident has concerns about white rock dust

YORK COUNTY – Virginia Faye, who lives on Road E in rural York County, says she’s very concerned about the intense white rock dust coming up from the county road along her home.

She addressed the county commissioners this past week, after going to one of the commissioners independently first.

“I was so happy a couple of years ago when we got a new bridge on our road, but we also got white rock on our road,” Faye said. “The white rock broke down, as that road is so busy with traffic. Now I’m living with constant white rock dust in the air and it’s a health hazard.”

She said she’s concerned about the personal health aspect for people breathing in white rock dust, “but it is also a safety hazard because if you meet someone on that road, you can’t see anything because of the dust. And that might create a liability issue for the county as well, as because of the visibility issues. I just don’t think the county should ever use white rock on our roads. Thank you for all the work you have done and do on our roads, and thank you Harvey (Keim, highway superintendent for the county). I appreciate having the chance to speak with you.”

Commissioner Stan Boehr said he had spoken with Faye earlier, as she had contacted him about her concerns and he in turn went to Keim to look for a solution.

“He said the roads crew will put some gravel down there,” Boehr said. “They have been waiting for, hoping for some rain, which would help. But upon her expressing her concerns, he said they would put down the gravel for now. It won’t be a great solution but it will be partially. I don’t know what else we can do right at this point. Eventually, that road will be great but it’s going to take a couple of years.”


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