York University holds winter commencement

YORK — York University held its winter commencement ceremony this week, to recognize the accomplishments of 89 students who completed the requirements for graduation. Seventy of the graduates received their master’s degrees, 18 received their bachelor degrees and one student earned an associate’s degree.

“Graduates, this evening you are joining a relatively small percentage of individuals who are blessed with the resources, tenacity and support to earn a degree. For that, you absolutely should be proud,” said Dr. Sam Smith, president of York University, as he opened the ceremony. “Although it often feels like this ceremony celebrates the ending of your degree, it isn’t. Instead, today we celebrate the beginning of a new season of life.”

Jim Ulrich was the featured speaker at this year’s winter commencement. He shared his “ingredients for success” to help the graduates set themselves apart from others. “Remember who you are and where you come from. Know your values, write them down and be proud of them. Strive to be difference-makers in all that you do. Be open to change and adaptable. Build relationships and don’t burn bridges. Finally, please remember that your attitude almost always determines your altitude in life.”

Graduates earning a master’s degree included: Kenny Robert Baires, Hanna Blum, Brett Patrick Bodine, Angie L. Bowers, Jacob A. Brummer, Dillon James Campbell, Robyn Renae Carey, Julie M. Chambers, Rebecca Kay Coxbill, Mallory Dillon, Amber Lorena Dominguez, Shari Jo Drake, Tara Janice Ellis, Eric Engstrom, Jenna Leigh Fehringer, Kyle Paul Fox, Elizabeth Hain, Claire F. Hladky, Stephanie Hoffa, Amber Jimenez, Danielle E. Karr, Lori Lee Keck, Ryan Lee Keebler, Jessica Ann King, Peter G. Kok, Diego Jose Korol Diaz, Crystal D. Kucera, Alexia Lanka, Mitchell C. Lockhart, Kaitlin S. Lusk, Michael Ray Macias, Graham Marks, Louann R. Maxwell, Kimberly Badger McBride, Brandon M. Meyer, Suzanne Neels, Nathan Nelson, Nicholas Nichols, Allison Golenda O’Neill, Anna Claire Osten, Shaina L. Owen, Joshua Jesus Daniel Ozuna, Kristin A. Page, Michelle Francis Eckert Perez, Heidi Peterson, Perry Petruccelli, Daniel Mark Reck, Kristin Reimers, Kayla Robles, Joseph Ruffcorn, Steven M. Satterly, Amy D. Schmidt, Lorna Leslie Seilstad, Hendrick Shelton, Elise Jean Smith, Kate L. Stewart, Igor Melo Chaves Torres, Matthew P. Turman, Avie Veldkamp, Veva Rachelle Viers, Rebecca Volker, Sarah Wacha, Brian Wamberg, Trevor Michael Weiss, Eduardo Wilges, Sheila Jo Wilhelm, Tyler Lee Wilt, Seth Thomas Wooten, Ashlee Marie York and Julia L. Ziegler.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree included: Emily Brooke Bohannon, Angel M. Dale, Walid Ghazi Fattouh Oumais, Kaitlin Michelle Fazendin, Satchel Ali Fisher, Sheila Yango Fon, Ezekiel Gallardo, Antonio Giorgio, Nichole V. Gravlin, Kailey M. Hamm, Nic Murcek, Noah Austin Rasnick, Wagner Simoes do Nascimento, David Vashtie Stalling, Julie Stachura, Marca Douglas Vasquez, Maci Grace Witte and Darby Elizabeth Wright.

Alex Flores earned an associate’s degree.



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