County ditches are not garbage dumping grounds

YORK – Apparently a number of people have been dumping their garbage and debris in county road ditches, when the waste, appliances, tires, etc., should be taken to the landfill.

And county authorities are reminding those people not only is the practice problematic, it’s also against the law.

This week, York County Commissioner Daniel Grotz said in meeting with the roads department, he was informed “ditches are being used as landfills, as roads crews are finding.”

He said the roads department has been called on, by the public, “a fair bit in recent days, about such garbage being in the ditches and then they have to clean it up, haul it away, take it to the landfill.

“I know landfill fees recently increased, I don’t know if that has any bearing on why this practice has increased lately, but it has to stop,” Grotz said. “We just need to remind the public how these items cannot be thrown in the county ditches. They have to be disposed of properly.”

Ditching in road ditches has long been a problem, as individuals have dumped everything from furniture to appliances to household garbage to car parts. Very rarely are any citations given because perpetrators are hardly ever seen or caught in the act. And the garbage could literally belong to anyone.

It is against the law and it’s a problem for roads crews as it then becomes their chore and the county’s expense.

“We just need to remind everyone these items need to be taken to the landfill, by the owners,” Grotz said. “The ditches aren’t landfills. There is a designated area for that.”


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