The World According to Rico – When you strip away all the glamour, we’re all the same

Famous people are glamorous, aren’t they?

They wear expensive clothes, drive cars no one else can afford, ride on private airplanes, eat in high-priced restaurants with standing reservations and always look fabulous because they have glam squads primping them constantly like show dogs.

They don’t appear to have flaws, they are seemingly perfect.

They look perfect, they act perfect and I’m guessing they probably smell perfect (being a dog, smells are very important to me).

And we all aspire, to some extent, to be that way because for some reason we think glamour is what we are supposed to attain yet none of the rest of us can seem to accomplish.

I do my best. I have Keeshond good looks which means I have Keeshond hair. It’s soft and thick, of varying hues. It has to be brushed every day, which is fine because my dad is my glam squad every night before bed.

I’m so glamorous.

I walk around in the yard, making sure my hair blows just the right direction to attract the attention of passersby. They stop and say I’m cute. I’m sure to immediately roll over on my back, to show them my perfectly manicured armpits, which is followed by a quick flip over to showcase my spectacular over-the-back tail.

The act ensures how glamorous I appear.

I’m too young to be famous but I try to increase my exposure by making appearances at various parks in town. Unlike celebrities, there are no red carpets for me, but I make sure to leave behind the scent indicating I was there – you know how I do it. Other dogs seem to really appreciate it. And as long as it’s outside, my mom is thrilled.

But my point to all this is that no level of glamour is sustainable. It’s just not. No matter how much you spend or how many hours are dedicated, we are all still equally flawed.

Just like no matter how much money you have or how big your house is or how many cars you own or how beautiful you are — when it all falls down to reality, we all wake up with bed head and insecurities.

That’s what happens when all the glamour is gone. We are what we are.

Recently, celebrities have been celebrating their authenticity, allowing themselves to be photographed without makeup or hair-dos for online postings. And for some reason, people like it. They say they appreciate the realness of it all.

So, I’ll do the same. This is me. Just Rico, the Keeshond, fresh out of a bath with all my flaws showing and my hair soaked.

I like it.

It’s just me.

Take it or leave it.

That’s what happens when you take away the glamour.

You get the real you.

And that’s all anyone wants anyhow.

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