York University pledges $100,000 toward city’s soccer complex upgrade project

YORK – York University has pledged to contribute $100,000, to be paid out over a 4-year period, to help with the City of York’s effort to upgrade the soccer complex.

When the York Sports Authority disbanded, the entity informed the city and the city took over the lease, care and upgrading of the soccer fields which are located just east of the York County Fairgrounds.

The city’s financial commitment will be substantial over the course of the next few years, for a project which will include upgrades and irrigation installation.

And one of the soccer complex’s most avid users, the university, has agreed to financially participate.

York University President Sam Smith sent Mayor Barry Redfern a letter this week, saying on behalf of the educational institution, they wanted to “express our excitement and wholehearted support for the upcoming soccer complex project in the city. We have followed the developments closely and are enthusiastic about this initiative’s positive impact on our community.

“Understanding the need for the sustained maintenance and improvement of the soccer complex, York University is fully supportive and has agreed to pay higher rates for the facility’s use by the university according to the updated contract you presented,” President Smith continued. “We acknowledge the importance of contributing to the sustainability of this valuable community asset along with other community partners and we are committed to being a responsible partner in ensuring its continued success.

“Furthermore, I am informing you that York University is making a tangible commitment to the soccer complex project,” President Smith said further. “Over the next four years, we will allocate $100,000 toward lighting for the championship/main soccer field. This enhancement will benefit the university’s sports programs and contribute to the community’s overall utilization and enjoyment of the facility.

“We view this contribution as an investment in the wellbeing of our students and the residents of York. We are confident the soccer complex will foster a sense of community, promote physical well-being and create a positive environment for social interaction.

“As we progress with this exciting project, York University looks forward to collaborating closely with the City of York to ensure the soccer complex’s successful implementation and ongoing success. We appreciate the city’s commitment to providing top notch recreational facilities for its residents and we are proud to be part of this initiative. Thank you for your leadership and dedication to the betterment of our community. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with the City of York.”

During this week’s meeting of the York City Council, Mayor Redfern made the announcement regarding the university’s pledged contributions and expressed appreciation for the support on behalf of the city.


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