York man sent to prison in case involving drugs and child abuse

YORK – Shawn Allison, 51, of York, was sentenced this week to a term of 2-4 years in prison for two felonies related to dealing methamphetamine and child abuse. He was sentenced by Judge James Stecker in York County District Court.

Initially he pleaded not guilty to two counts of delivery of an exceptionally hazardous drug, Class 2 felonies; conspiracy to commit a Class 2 felony, a Class 2 felony; and committing child abuse, a Class 3A felony.

Those were amended to one count of attempt of a Class 2 felony, which is a 2A felony, and one count of child abuse, a Class 3A felony. He pleaded guilty to both amended charges.

This case began when officers with the York Police Department saw a vehicle being driven by Allison, who court documents indicate they knew because of “multiple prior contacts.” They also knew he had a suspended driver’s license and was currently a participant in the local problem-solving court program.

The officer said in his affidavit filed with the court they saw two adult occupants in the vehicle and one, being Ashley Davis, told the officer she had a bag of marijuana on her person. During a search of her person, officers said they found a used syringe in her purse.

They also saw an unsecured child who had been lying down. Officers indicate the child told them he had laid down so officers couldn’t see him. When they asked while the child was unrestrained and riding seated on the vehicle’s center console and not in a seat, they report Allison said due to many items in the van there was no room for the child to sit.

Keith Davis, another passenger, was searched and officers found methamphetamine on his person. Court documents stated that Keith Davis was arrested and secured in a patrol vehicle, where he “continuously kicked the inside of the door and window, attempting to break the window, all the while screaming profanities at officers.”

During a search of the vehicle, officers said they found an envelope with “Ashley” written on it, which contained methamphetamine. Another envelope was found with Keith Davis’ nickname “Dad” written on it, which also contained methamphetamine. A third envelopment with “Shawn” written on it was located, but it was empty. Officers noted the envelopes with methamphetamine in them were “located in the immediate area and fully accessible to the child.”

“While securing Allison’s cellular phone, a message appeared from an individual referring to the meth-filled envelopes,” the affidavit says. It is alleged that Ashley Davis told them Allison had picked up the methamphetamine from a known narcotics dealer and sold the methamphetamine to them. Further, officers say phone messages “clearly confirmed” Allison had retrieved the methamphetamine from a source, then sold the drugs to the other two.

For the first count he was sentenced to a term of 2-4 years. For the second, he was sentenced to a term of 1-2 years. They are to be served concurrently. He was given credit for 32 days already served in the York County Jail.

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