UNDEFEATED: York One-Act wins State Championship

NORFOLK – The York One-Act team capped an undefeated season with the top finish in Class B State Play Production.

Throughout the season they performed “Whispers in the Hollow” by R. R. Rudy Walz, which was directed by YHS drama coach, Becky Stahr.

They claimed the Norfolk, Gothenburg, Conference, and District champions with Charlie Van Gomple winning best actor or supporting actor at every competition, including state.

The Tech Crew also won the top award in Norfolk and during the award ceremony, Stahr was given then 2023-2024 NFHS NSAA Outstanding Theatre Educator of the Year.

Prior to today’s competition, Stahr said, “We are so excited to perform again on the state stage. It is the best way to end a season. We are among a talent lineup from across the state. The best in theatre is always at the state competition. I am honored that York can be among this elite few.”

“No matter what happens, our students have brought a script that has never been performed before to life. This is a trying task. Everything in this piece is original so a lot of the creativity came from our students. I am so impressed with their ability to lead and grow throughout the season.”

“I am also extremely honored that the message within our production has moved so many different people. When people start to accept people no matter who they are, the world will become a kinder and safer place to live. I know I want a world like that for my own children. So, if this production has convinced even one person to see past prejudices, forgive others, and/or work together to find a common ground; our goals have been achieved this season.”

“The work and efforts of our coaching staff have to also be acknowledged. Clare Bierbaum, Paige Manley, and Brian Stahr have guided our students to work hard and find success this season. I am so appreciative of their time and efforts. This show would not be possible without them.”

Qualified for state 12 times

  • State Champion: B/2013, B/2014, B/2016, B/2018, B/2020, B/2021
  • State Runner-Up: A/2017, B/2022
  • Third Place: B/2019
  • Qualifying Years: B/1983, B/2012, B/2013, B/2014, B/2016, A/2017, B/2018, B/2019, B/2020, B/2021, B/2022, B/2023

Outstanding Performance Winners:

  • 2013 Paul Lindsey
  • 2013 BreeAnna Gibbs
  • 2014 Kalon Beeson
  • 2016 Ethan Milleson
  • 2017 Emily Baldridge
  • 2018 Grace Sinsel
  • 2020 Andrew Baldridge
  • 2021 Hattie Chavanu

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