A Paws For Pets — Love left behind

By LaMoine Roth, York Adopt A Pet

I imagine everyone reading today’s column has at some point in their lives had to say good-bye to a beloved pet — whether it be a childhood dog, cat, hamster or maybe a bird. And through the years it seems to happen more and more often as time just seems to go faster. That little scrappy kitten or that fuzzy little puppy….where does the time go, when suddenly those little balls of fur are now approaching old age, illnesses and the occasional tragic accident.

So many times, someone will call me saying, “I had to recently put my cat Whiskers to sleep, she had kidney failure; Buster simply died of old age . . .” the reasons are varied and the pain is all the same. You are never really ready to let them go.

I recently read the following which was printed by the Petco Foundation, author unknown. I thought it was so profound I wanted to share it with you:

Before humans die, they write their last Will and Testament, give their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I’d ask……….

To a poor and lonely stray I’d give:

My happy home.

My bowl and cozy bed, soft pillows and all of my toys.

The lap, which I loved so much.

The hand that stroked my fur and the sweet voice which spoke my name.

I’d will to the sad, scared shelter cat the place I had in my

human’s loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds.   

So when I die, please do not say, “I will never have a cat again, for the loss and pain is more than I can stand.” Instead, go find an unloved cat, one whose life has held no joy or hope and give my place to him.

This is the only thing I can give.

The love I left behind.

We all know how hard it is to lose a pet. I recently told a woman who was unsure whether to replace her beloved cat who had recently died, “If you measured the joy you had while you shared your life with your cat, surely it would outweigh the sadness you feel today.” You can never replace your cat, you can only make room in your heart and room in your home for a cat, that without you will not know the joy of a happy home.”

There are so many cats who are waiting for their forever home: Boots, Oreo, David, Jasper and Tonto. York Adopt A Pet is a no-kill shelter, so when these displaced cats come to us, they truly become a part of our shelter family. But all the volunteers would be overjoyed to know that finally they could be adopted into their forever home.

If you have lost your cat to disease or old age, and think you can’t experience another loss, please reconsider? Let their legacy be that you will give a home to a poor and lonely stray who has been waiting for as little as several days to as long as two years.

I invite you to visit our website www.yorkadoptapet.com to view the cats and kittens that are waiting for their forever homes. This is the only thing your beloved pet can give. The love they left behind. Please consider opening your home and heart to sharing with a cat from York Adopt A Pet.


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