Paws for Pets —  It Takes a Village

By Susan Rodabaugh, York Adopt A Pet

It is that time of year to reminisce and give thanks to the village of people who support York Adopt A Pet. We are so very grateful for all 100-plus volunteers and staff who give their time every day to care for all the dogs and cats already this year. This includes all the volunteers who come to the shelter regardless of weather conditions or foster the cats and dogs in their homes.

We are so very thankful for all the 311 adoptions we had this past year. It is very exciting to see any of “our” cats and dogs get adopted and find their forever homes.  It warms our hearts.

We are also extremely thankful for the supplies, food, towels, blankets, newspapers and monetary donations we receive. Donations may come from events, fundraisers, monthly pledges, a memorial, a birthday, work or school drive, and donations for taking stray and relinquished pets. Sometimes we receive random and anonymous donations. We are very fortunate to have all our supporters throughout the year. Thank you all very much.

We are very fortunate to have a support system from the community and neighboring areas. We work with the local police department and sheriff’s offices to continue to keep pets safe and rescue them from some very bad situations. We have been called upon by the hospital to help take in pets from drivers who have been in accidents. We all work together to ensure and prevent pets from being in danger.

We work together with York Animal Clinic to provide our pets with the needed care and medical attention that only a veterinarian and staff can perform. They are truly a blessing to the pets at YAAP.

Yes, it takes a village, and the people in the village to commit to the goal and mission of providing a safe haven for our pets. Thank you to all and may you all have a happy holiday season.

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