York man accused of violating sex offender registry regs and being a habitual criminal

YORK – Michael Winchel, 45, of York, has been charged with two felonies – violating the terms of the state’s sex offender registry regulations and being a habitual criminal.

He was convicted of criminal child enticement in Cass County and then subsequently violating the terms of the registry in that same county.

He is also accused of being a habitual criminal because he was also convicted of attempt of a Class 3 felony and terroristic threats in Casse County, for which he was sentenced to prison for a term of 20 months to five years. It is also noted the child enticement conviction earned him a term of prison of 2-4 years.

Regarding the non-compliance charge in York County, it is alleged by the York Police Department Winchel hadn’t properly registered his registry in York. According to court documents, when officers spoke with him, it was recognized he was last registered in Lincoln County in 2022. Then he moved to York and had not registered here.

Arraignment proceedings were scheduled for York County District Court this week.



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