Drug case against York man bound over to District Courtrug case against York man bound over to District Court

YORK – Charles Graham, 33, of York (whose address is also listed as Strang in court documents), has been bound over to District Court on five felony counts related to dealing LSD and methamphetamine near a school in York.

This case began when an officer with the York Police Department was on regular duty and was traveling south on Division Avenue when he stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction.

According to court documents, Graham was driving and Stephanie Higginbotham of York was a passenger. The police officer indicates in court documents he recognized “Higginbotham from previous contacts and knew her to be a client of York County Problem Solving Court.”

The officer said when he was observing the registration and insurance paperwork presented to him by Graham, he “noted a black tar-like substance covering a large portion of both pieces of paperwork. This tar-like substance was emitting the odor of marijuana. I knew this substance to be marijuana resin.” The resin field-tested positive as marijuana, according to court documents.

“I returned to speak with Graham and informed him of the marijuana resin on his paperwork. He admitted to having marijuana in the vehicle. They were asked to exit the vehicle. He was detained in the patrol vehicle and she was asked to sit on the curb,” the officer says in his affidavit.

A probable cause search was conducted.

According to court documents, officers found six separate containers holding marijuana, which were divided into portions for alleged sale purposes. Along with these were two digital scale, 12 unused baggies and 30 unused narcotics sale baggies. There were also allegedly five separate containers of THC wax weighing 6.3 ounces.

They continued their separate and found a bag of orange and a bag of purple tablets, which the officers identified as LSD or “acid.”

They also allegedly found glass drug pipes containing significant amounts of methamphetamine, four grinders, an unused meth pipe, a marijuana pipe and other pieces of drug paraphernalia.

While at the scene, according to the affidavit, dispatch informed the officers an individual who was watching the traffic stop “had called in to say he observed Higginbotham remove an item from inside her pants and conceal it int eh grass next to where she was sitting.” The officers looked in the grass and found a digital drug scale with a positive result for methamphetamine. “She originally denied removing the scale from her pants and concealing it in the grass, but finally admitted to this act. This act was later observed on in-car camera” footage. She was placed under arrest for tampering with evidence. “While placing her into the vehicle, she continued to be argumentative. She adamantly denied having any other contraband.”

Officers say Graham indicated Higginbotham had a bag of methamphetamine and a meth pipe on her person. She eventually admitted to having a pipe on her person.

A female deputy was called to the scene and assisted her in removing the drug pipe from inside her pants. Also removed from this area was a small bag of methamphetamine, weighing .7 grams. In addition, a red plastic straw was found which contained methamphetamine residue.

It was also noted in the court documents filed by officers that the items were recovered 885 feet from the Preschool Learning Academy of York.

Arraignment proceedings have been scheduled for this week in York County District Court.


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