Commissioners strike parcel from tax rolls after deemed uncollectible

YORK COUNTY – The York County Commissioners voted to strike a parcel from the tax rolls after all attempts to collect personal property tax have been exhausted and it has been deemed as uncollectible.

York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier explained to the board, convening as the board of equalization, how the county treasurer “has performed due diligence to collect this personal property tax and the owner has passed away.”

Commissioner Daniel Grotz said the sheriff’s department had been given a distress warrant to serve back in 2021, “and they attempted to serve it, it was returned as undeliverable. So that step is documented. And it looks like this unsatisfied amount is fairly low – it’s personal property tax of only $13.34, with fees it comes to $16. The county has taken all the steps it can, for $16, so I move we strike it from the tax rolls.”

Commissioner Woody Ziegler noted, “It’s really not about the amount, it’s about the process that has to be followed.”

The county board members agreed.


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