County renews insurance program with same company, will see 5 1/2% increase in cost

YORK – York County’s health insurance program will stay with Medica in the 2023-24 fiscal year. The good news for employees is two-fold: they will see stability in staying with the same provider and they will not be affected by the 5 ½% increase in cost.

The York County Commissioners agreed with the recommendation of Ben Royal from Cornerstone Insurance Group, who is the county’s insurance broker, and the recommendation from the county’s insurance committee.

“The company, which you are already with, has offered the 5 ½% increase and we have received positive comments about working with them. And there is stability in staying with them,” Royal said. “There are a lot of positive aspects about staying with Medica. I think it is wise to recommend them and think theirs is a favorable offer.”

York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier, who sits on the insurance committee, said the group met last week to discuss plans, programs and options.

“The insurance committee is recommending staying with Medica,” Obermier said. “We feel this is a good plan. Also, our HR representative sat in on that meeting and felt this is a good way to go as well.”

“If we move forward with this plan, will the employees’ costs go up?” asked Commissioner Daniel Grotz.

“No,” Obermier responded. “As it stands now, this recommendation is for employees’ costs to stay the same.”

“In my experience, I’ve never seen insurance (costs) stay this flat, so that’s positive,” said Commissioner Woody Ziegler.

“I’ve worked with Medica before and now, and I think this company has been good to work with,” Grotz added.

“They have been very good with us and the offering of preventative drugs at no cost to the employees is a great component,” Obermier said.

Royal also noted the cost being offered was below what the commissioners budgeted for the year.

“The insurance committee recommends we stay here and if we go out for proposals from other companies the chance is pretty slim someone else would come in lower,” Grotz said. “And then we’d have to decide if we want to put the employees through another change.”

They unanimously voted in favor of staying with Medica and having the county absorb the slight increase in cost.

Royal said open enrollment for employees would take place next week.


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