York man gets probation for hit and run accident

YORK – This week in York County District Court, Tristan Busler, 23, of York, was given probation in a case involving a hit and run accident.

The case began earlier this year when a hit and run accident was investigated by the York Police Department. A vehicle carrying four juveniles had been struck by a second vehicle with the other driver fleeing the scene. The occupants of the vehicle said they saw a vehicle coming up behind them, very quickly, and they recognized the driver as being Busler.

It was alleged Busler pulled alongside them in the other lane and then “aggressively swerved to the right, striking the other vehicle which caused it to spin out of control,” according to court documents. “The vehicle (driven by the minor) traveled across both lanes of traffic, entered the median and struck a telephone pole which was lying in the center of the median. This caused the vehicle to be wedged on top of the laying telephone pole.”

According to court documents, one of the minors struck her head and began to have a seizure. She was taken to the hospital.

All four of the minors identified the vehicle.

Then later that night, officers with the YPD stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and the passenger of the vehicle was identified as Busler. Police officers said he claimed to know nothing about the situation and he didn’t know where his car was located. Eventually, Busler told an officer he began to “drift” to the right when he was alongside the other car and he had been drinking alcohol at the time. He said he saw the crash but fled the area because he was worried he would be in serious trouble. He eventually told officers the car was at his apartment complex, in a garage to keep it hidden.

According to court documents, Busler signed permission for search and seizure and the vehicle was inspected, being found to have damage on the right front fender consistent with the way the accident had been described.

Initially he was charged with failure to stop and render aid, a Class 3A felony, and willful reckless driving, a Class 3 misdemeanor. As part of a plea agreement, the felony was dismissed and he was sentenced for the misdemeanor.

He was sentenced this week to one year of probation to include 85 days in county jail – to be served in stints, in the future. They can be waived, however, if he is found to be in compliance with the terms of his probation.

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