Questions of the Week – Readers ask about Christmas decorations, audits, cranberry salad, independent senators

The following questions were asked this week by inquiring readers:


Q: Did the city crews put the Christmas decorations out earlier than usual this year?

A: No, they do it at this time each year. It might have just seemed early because it has been so warm out this week.


Q: Do all counties and cities have to have audits done each year?

A: Yes, it is a practice that takes place for all such entities and it is required to be paid for by the entity.


Q: When I was a kid, I remember my aunt always bringing a cranberry salad – which had apples and walnuts in it – to Thanksgiving. Do you know what the other ingredients may have been in this old-fashioned recipe?

A: The oldest recipe we could find for this type of cranberry salad had the following ingredients:

1 12-ounce bag of fresh cranberries

1 large Granny Smith apple

1 large orange

1 large Honey Crisp apple

1 cup chopped walnuts

1 6-ounce box of raspberry Jello

2 cups of water

1 cup of sugar

Zest the orange; then peel and liquify the orange in the food processor.

Chop all the other fruit in the food processor and add it to a large bowl with the orange puree, zest and nuts.

Bring water and sugar to a boil until the sugar dissolves completely. Remove from heat, let it cool just a bit and whisk in the Jello. Pour the Jello over the fruit mixture and refrigerate overnight.


Q: A couple of people I know received calls about a planned electrical outage in York on Thursday, from like 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Is this going to be for the whole town?

A: No, this will not be for the whole town. Grant Otten from Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) said Wednesday, “There will be a planned outage that impacts 11 customers. They did reach out to the customers to let them know about the outage. They need to replace cross arms on some power poles and they need to take those customers offline in order to do it safely. If anyone has additional questions or concerns, they can call 1-877-ASK-NPPD.”


Q: Thanks for telling us about the upcoming Cookie Walk. We are new in town and think this would be a really fun thing to do. Can anyone come to the Cookie Walk or do you need an affiliation with any groups to do it?

A: Everyone is welcome!

Every year since 1995, a group of women who form the Chapter A, P.E.O. Sisterhood will pull out their favorite cookie recipes and create a huge variety of holiday cookies as a fundraiser and for your enjoyment.  This year they will host the “Happy Huladays,” Cookie Walk at the Presbyterian Church, Saturday, Dec. 2, from 10 a.m. until noon.

P.E.O. are the initials meaning “Philanthropic Educational Organization.” Chapter A was created as the first P.E.O. Chapter formed in Nebraska in 1885. Throughout the years, Chapter A has consistently supported a variety of state and international causes, helping women of all ages further their education.  Chapter A also supports the York community monetarily, most recently donating to the Peyton, Parker, Lane, Playground.  Past donations include Adopt-A-Family, Adopt-A-Pet, York County CASA, Blue Valley Community Action and Living Water Rescue Mission.  They also support a York County Senior Girl with a scholarship for further education.

The annual Cookie Walk is the main means to support Chapter A’s goals in the community and beyond.  For $7 a dozen, shoppers choose their own favorites, which are boxed and ready to go. Guests can then fill their own plate, sit and enjoy their chosen samples.

Chapter A welcomes all families and friends to join them sharing fellowship, and the delicious sampling and purchase of holiday goodies on Saturday, Dec. 2., from 10:00 to noon at the Presbyterian Church.  Feel free to wear your Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts.


Q: I really loved the editorial written by Greg Awtry which talked about an independent person running for president. And it got me to wondering if any of our United States senators are considered to be independent?

A: Yes, there are three.

There is Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Angus King Jr. of Maine and Bernie Sanders of Vermont.


Q: I read with interest the topic of housing as discussed with the York County Development Corporation and the York County Commissioners. Can you tell me what is the average price of a house in Nebraska right now?

A: According to numerous sources, the average price of a house in Nebraska, right now, is $252,108. That is up 4.8% over the last year.


Q: Can we submit letters to the editor on

A: Absolutely! We would love to hear from readers and share your thoughts. Just send them to The only rule is that they are signed with the writer’s name. Length is no issue. Topic is no issue. They just need to be signed and the content has to be fit for public consumption.



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