County board to re-bid for courthouse garage expansion project

YORK – The York County Commissioners agreed with courthouse maintenance director Cal Friesen that they will go back out for bids, in the spring, for a construction project that will expand the size of the garage area on the south side of the courthouse.

They recently went out for bids and received one.

“Cal talked with several contractors and we had to go with sealed bids because the expense would likely be over $50,000,” Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier told his fellow board members this week.

The single bid came in just under $60,000.

Friesen reviewed the bid and came back to the county board with his recommendation.

“I don’t want to do any construction during the winter,” Friesen said. “I say we should wait until spring and try to get more bids. I’m open to you rejecting the bid for now because we can’t do it in the winter anyway.”

“He’s the one who would have to deal with it,” said Commissioner Daniel Grotz. “So I would make a motion to reject the bid.”

“He tried to solicit other contractors,” Obermier reiterated. “This maybe will give some time to get more later.”

“Well, business is booming right now” with construction work, Ziegler noted.

They voted to reject the bid and start over with the process in the spring.

When the courthouse was built, back in the 1980s, some garage bays with overhead doors were installed on the south side. The interesting thing about the architecture there is a very large overhang which extends to the south, with nothing underneath it – thereby creating wasted space.

The intent of this project would be to enlarge the garage area with a wall at the edge of the overhang, which would provide a considerable amount of much-needed garage space for maintenance and the sheriff’s department.

The maintenance department uses the space for doing all types of work and housing equipment. The sheriff’s department uses their space for transporting individuals to and from the jail, so they can be placed in cruisers while inside. There is also some equipment housed there.

The commissioners plan to use ARPA (federal COVID relief) funds to pay for the project.


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