York County Visitors Bureau shares old map, photos from York’s past

YORK – York County Visitors Bureau Director Bob Sautter received a surprise envelope in the mail this week, from a woman in Arizona who said her grandmother was born in York in the late 1800s – and she had some old photos and map she wanted to share with people here.

“I got this from someone named Laurie Pashalydis in Sun Lakes, Arizona,” Sautter said, holding up an envelope. “And she really sent us some cool, old things to look at and I thought maybe the community would be interested in seeing them.”

Included is a photo with the inscription of “York men’s running team, 1910.” The photo shows a number of men – and a dog – sitting on bleachers. It appears the ones with “Y” on their chest were the actual runners – maybe the others dressed in business attire were coaches and/or supporters.

There is also a photo from the early days of York, with a shot showing what the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Sixth Street looked like many years ago.

There is also a photo which says it is of the No. 918 Lincoln School in York. A handwritten note on the back says it burned down at some point, but the woman (assuming the grandmother) who wrote on the back indicated she attended several grades there, second through fourth.

And there is another picture of that running team – in action this time. The inscription says it is of York vs. Friend in something called the “Firemen’s Tournament.”

“I have had these items forever,” Pashalydis wrote. “I thought you might appreciate them.”

The old Nebraska map she enclosed is from 1936 and includes towns which don’t even exist today – including Charleston in York County, as Sautter pointed out.

He also noted the map was prepared by the Nebraska Department of Roads and Irrigation – which is an interesting title seeing how it is called the Nebraska Department of Transportation today.

There is also a detailed graphic on the back showing the physical arm/hand signals drivers needed to know when driving cars.

And while there is a list of driving rules and regulations on the back, the speed limit situation is very vague, as it just states drivers should not drive faster than the conditions warrant.

“I just thought it would be something fun for people to see,” Sautter said. “Maybe someone will know the young men from 1910 or recognize the old buildings. Every once in a while, these types of old flashes from the past fall into our laps and it’s just fun to see.”

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