Spring ahead. Fall back. Bah humbug!

Winter begins, for me, on that dismal Saturday when we are browbeaten into ‘falling back’ an hour on the clock.
Days and nights are all screwed up. We huddle in darkness during hours which, just the day before the big silly change, were wonderful fall late afternoons.

Yet by some flaw it’s still pitch dark when Good Wife Norma’s brace of elderly wiener dogs put up a noisy fuss to get their breakfast. On paper we appear to gain an hour of daylight in the morning, but you’d not know it by the routine at our house.

After giving this puzzling conundrum a good bit of thought, I arrived at the only possible answer. I have discovered tube dogs, at least our tube dogs, cannot read a clock. Digital? Analog? It makes almost no difference according to my study data.

This failure on their part has proven disruptive on the heels of our recent ‘fall back’ Saturday and here’s why.
The first obstacle, one I am sadly helpless to change, is that morning has become my work shift on the Doxie care and feeding schedule. Not sure how pre-dawn became my personal burden way back when, but clearly I am stuck for the life of either (1) them or (2) me.

They each get a carefully measured portion of dry food, then quickly repair to the back yard to sniff about no end but eventually squeeze the supper GWN served the evening before onto the ground before my feet (occasionally beneath them … remember it’s pitch black out there).

I feed them in morning darkness. She feeds them in evening darkness. What use, then, is this twice-annual time flop? Couldn’t we please, please, please use the commonsense God gave us and go with daylight saving time the year round? Obviously not.

As a result of this stubbornness, I must confront the canine clock reading deficiency head-on.

By habit and metabolism, the princesses still yap exactly when they always have. Trouble is, as I discovered through much deep thought, is this; their same old 6 is our new 5.

So, I have identified the problem. Sure could use your help with the solution though.

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