Greenwood Cemetery is burial spot for hundreds of war veterans, site of memorials through the ages

YORK – Greenwood Cemetery has over 11,000 gravesites and of those, hundreds are the burial locations of war veterans.

As Veterans Day approaches, it seems fitting to reflect on the beautiful spot here in York County, Nebraska where these veterans are buried, remembered, memorialized. While Veterans Day is about honoring the living who have served, it is also a time to remember those, who are no longer here but also served this country.

The cemetery has been active cemetery since 1882, so there are veterans buried there from the Civil War, World Wars One and Two, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War.

There is a very old statue erected in the veteran memorial section, which was erected in 1905. The monument has a strong, wide base with a stone soldier atop. The inscriptions say it is “in memory of the unknown soldier and sailor dead, 1861-1865, in honor of our nation’s defenders who save our union.”

In 1962, a stage of sorts was constructed in the center, from which Memorial Day programs are anchored. A name plate states “the ages and the future meet here to join eternity.”

There is a veterans memorial “in honor of all who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces” with emblems signifying military branches.

Also found at Greenwood in the memorial section of the cemetery is a memorial to the Sept. 11 tragedy, even including a piece of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The latest memorial to be added to this section of the cemetery has the inscription, “Through blurred eyes, we find the strength and courage to soar beyond the moment. We look to the future knowing we can never forget the past. God bless America.”

While the leaves continue to change and fall, it is a quiet place to reflect on the sacrifices of so many who courageously stood for our nation.  Especially at this time, as we celebrate Veterans Day amid troubled days in our world.



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