Questions of the Week – Readers ask about vaccinations, fire station, planning commission

Q: Are COVID vaccinations still available in York at the Four Corners Health Department? And do they do other vaccinations?

A: Yes, they do.

They offer vaccines of all kinds.

They offer childhood vaccines for kids up to age 18 if the children are on Medicaid or are uninsured and COVID vaccines for all ages for those without insurance at no cost.

The following vaccinations will be available at the Four Corners office at 2101 North Lincoln Avenue: COVID 19; Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis; Hepatitis A and B; Human Papillomavirus; Inactivated Polio; Influenza; Meningococcal; Meningococcal B; Measles, Mumps, Rubella; Pneumococcal; Rotavirus; Varicella (Chickenpox).

A parent/guardian must be present for anyone under 19.

They are available Thursdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Go to to register ahead of time.


Q: What is the timeframe projected for York’s new fire station?

A: According to information from the city, the projected schedule includes bidding next March and April, construction start next May and hopeful completion in November of 2025.


Q: Who is writing the press releases for the county, which are credited to York County Public Information. I’ve been seeing the stories in different avenues and wondered who is generating those, which I appreciate by the way.

A: Melanie Wilkinson is writing the county’s news releases which are credited to York County Public Information. She was hired by the county to write them, post them to the county website, post on social media and make them available to local media outlets.


Q: It seems like forever since the county’s planning and zoning committee has met. Is anything being done as far as new regulations for pipelines or solar or wind projects?

A: The planning and zoning committee will meet on Monday, Nov. 13, at 6 p.m., at the Holthus Convention Center to discuss local regulations pertaining to solar projects in York County. Public comment will be taken at that time.


Q: I love the idea of the two little food pantries in town – at the fairgrounds and at First and Lincoln. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. What types of items can be left there?

A: They need to be non-perishable items – canned, dried, etc. And it was also suggested to leave fun items for kids, like crayons, if someone wants. Just make sure nothing is perishable. All donations are very welcome.


Q: I loved the feature about the Scottish Highland Cattle the Demuths are raising and the show that was held in York. Thank you! I found it interesting how more Highland cattle are being raised in the United States now. Do you know how many there are?

A: That’s not for certain, but the industry says the overall population of Highland cattle in the United States and Canada is estimated at about 11,000 head.


Q: A friend said it’s good to feed sweet potatoes to dogs. Is that true?

A: Many sources say yes, they are very good for dogs and sweet potatoes are often found in many types of dog food.

Regarding real sweet potatoes, whether they are mashed, baked or boiled they are fine as long as they are cooked, peeled and plain. Avoid butter, sugar and salt. Just as is, that’s really good for your dog, according to and other sources.


Q: We have extra pumpkins this year because they grew so well in the garden. My aunt used to make this pumpkin soup that was so wonderful – and not sweet. How do you make it?

A: Peel and chop pumpkin into large chunks. It’s best to use sugar pumpkins.

Put peeled, chopped pumpkin in a pot with onion, garlic and chicken stock in a pot.

Boil until pumpkin is very tender.

Run it through a blender until smooth.

Then add salt, pepper and heavy cream until the consistency is what you desire.

It’s delicious.

And don’t use any old, moldy, frozen pumpkins that have been sitting on the porch. Make sure they are firm and fresh feeling/looking/smelling.


Q: Who owns Grand Central grocery store now?

A: It was sold by Warren Thomas to Ben and Kerri Dishman of Gering. The sale took place in April.


Q: Does the Anna Bemis Palmer Archives and Classroom need more volunteers? I was so impressed with the display and want to help.

A: Yes. Contact the city offices about your intentions and they will surely welcome the assistance.


Q: Why does the city and the county have to reaffirm the street/road superintendent positions each year?

A: Each entity is required to have a licensed superintendent in place in order to receive Nebraska Department of Transportation funds.


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