Homestead exemption notifications are arriving in the mail; assessor’s office can help

YORK COUNTY – In the past, the Nebraska Department of Revenue only sent notice to homestead exemption applicants if they qualified for an exemption that was less than 100%. Starting this year, the NDR is now sending notice to all applicants of their homestead status. This has led to some confusion, especially since the notice also includes a form to challenge the determination from the department if the applicant doesn’t agree with their findings.

“While I think it’s a good thing everyone is being notified in writing about their homestead exemption status, it is creating some confusion because the approval letters weren’t sent before,” says York County Assessor Kurt Bulgrin.

The statements of homestead exemption approvals will be received in the mail, with the details of percentages, etc. If the person receiving it agrees with the details, they don’t have to do anything. But if they feel something is in error, they need to respond by following the enclosed directions and sending it back in.

Bulgrin says further, “If you received this letter, and if you agree with the determination of the department, no further action is required of you. DO NOT SEND THE FORM BACK! If you DO NOT agree with the level of exemption that the department feels you qualify for, then please, complete the form and send it back to the Nebraska Department of Revenue. If you have any questions or would like to visit about the notice you received, please bring your letter to the York County Assessor’s office, located on the first floor of the York County Courthouse, or just give us a call at 402-362-4926 and we can walk you through the process.”


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