The time capsule that keeps on giving

YORK – Last July, Clay and Becky Stodieck took ownership of the building at 109 East Sixth Street, where for 30 years it had housed the JM Monograms business. Prior to that, it had been a clothing business.

They dove into the old downtown structure, working to renovate and restore.

Early on, the history of the building was unveiled, as Clay found a hidden staircase and a sealed-up second floor. And he climbed into a time capsule of sorts, as the apartment appeared to have been closed off the to the rest of the world since likely 1966 (due to a newspaper found inside).

“I literally walked into what appears to have been 1966,” he said at the time of the initial discovery. “It’s as if time stood still. Someone sealed up this floor and what was in there has been undisturbed for nearly 60 years. We literally stumbled upon a time capsule.”

Well, that time capsule continues to keep on giving and the Stodiecks have been sharing their findings with the public.

They have been finding many artifacts from the past – including the Chapman’s business sign which had been covered up for many, many years. By taking down the façade cover, everyone can now see what the store front once looked like when it was a clothes store many decades ago.

And the front display window space is filled with the items they have been finding.

Inside the window is the old Roper gas cook stove (in remarkable condition) they found on the hidden second floor.

And there are a lot of items they’ve found as they work on the building, including on the main floor and in the basement. The display window area holds old, artistic signs/posters advertising Chapman’s offerings, jars, bottles and drawings of fashions from another era. There are display structures, light fixtures, tools and business documents.

While they work on the building, if and when more old items from the past emerge, they will place them in the front window so anyone can walk by anytime to take a look at items from York’s history, in the time capsule that keeps on giving.

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