The World According to Rico – There is such a thing as too many parks

When I was whisked away to the place called York, I was a very fortunate little puppy. I quickly learned my new home hosts so many parks, so many places to walk and play.

In my puppy fantasies of paradise, I had visions of a land where the number of parks would be never-ending and I could walk non-stop on green grass, in the fresh air, with leaves rustling in the trees. I dreamed of non-stop sniffing and never-ending new smells.

And then I relocated and quickly realized I may have arrived in that type of dream world.

Did you know there are a million parks/places to walk in York?

Oh, let me give you the joyous list:

Harrison Park.

East Hill Park.

Mincks Park.

Foster Park.

Miller Park.

The Dog Park.

The Beaver Creek Trails.

The Skate Park.

The School Park.

Recharge Lake.

The grass is green at each, there are all kinds of trees, a million different smells. Just like in my fantasy.

Each has a special nuance that makes me swoon.

Harrison Park is huge and the best part is there are a lot of little kids playing there. So I get to watch them run and every once in a while, their parents let them pet me which is divine.

East Hill Park is so pretty and it’s not that far from my house. The best part about East Hill Park, I think, are the many picnic shelters because people always leave behind food remnants which I’m a master at finding. I just don’t like to be there on Friday nights because they play football there and every time the Dukes score, a really loud cannon goes off which I’m pretty sure would stop my heart if I was too close.

Mincks Park is also very large so there is plenty of space to run. There’s a special new playground there, called Peyton Parker Lane, which I hear is really cool. It’s fenced in and dogs really don’t belong in the playground area. But I can run around the outside perimeter all I want. Plus, the wind blows harder at Mincks Park than anywhere else in town, so I look like a Fabulous Furry Fabio.

Foster Park is probably my favorite. There are all these trees and hills and plants. The sidewalks wind around, up and down. It’s the best place to run. And there are nearby residential properties where people mow and grill, which for some reason intrigues me.

Miller Park is a place where people go to play ball and it’s really nice. I don’t walk around there too much because it’s more geared for humans, but I love to hear the kids laughing when I visit.

The Dog Park is, well, what it says it is. The best part about The Dog Park is I can run naked – without a leash. Ahh, the freedom! I can just let it all hang out and do whatever I want without having to drag around a parent attached to the other end of a rope. It’s heaven. And they even split up the areas so us little dogs can play without being intimidated by the big dogs! But if I keep gaining weight like I have been, I have a feeling someday I will have to go over to the big dog side. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

The Beaver Creek Trails are an in-town miracle. We can spend hours on that circuit of sidewalks and grass, along the creek. It is literally miles long. Sometimes I think we are lost but somehow my Mom always finds a way out. And people there are so nice as they all stop to say how cute I am.

The Skate Park is not my cup of tea because I don’t own a skateboard and some days I can barely run on my own little legs without falling down, but I have been there and sat in the grass watching kids and adults fly around on tiny planks with wheels. They are entertaining and I like the way the light hits the concrete. It’s pretty cool.

The School Park is just a little patch of grass by the water tower by the high school. I don’t know what the actual little park is called, but it’s a good place to stop and do my business if I’m in the car with Mom and can’t make it home in time. But only if she remembers her special plastic bags.

Recharge Lake is a scenic place, with a lake (like the name says), a playground, grass, gravel, campgrounds and a winding little road. It’s super quiet and just a nice place for me to go wild. I feel like a wolverine every time I’m there, connecting with my primal side.

They are all beautiful and existing. I love them all!

Whew! That’s a lot of parks within my reach. As I said earlier, when I established my residency here, I felt like I landed in paradise because there was no such thing as too many parks.

That was until this past week. My mom decided we needed to try them all out in a 7-day span, to broaden my horizons.

We walked, walked and walked. We ran, ran and ran. I sniffed and sniffed, barked and barked. She carried my little jugs of water and I carried my heart in my throat each time I saw our newest destination. We saw the sun rise and the sun set. It was a great series of adventures.

But I have to admit, as of this writing, there is such a thing as too many parks. I’m just exhausted. A minute ago, I saw her fill the water jug, grab my mobile bowl and she’s looking for her jacket (which I hid under the bed). I know she thinks we are going to yet another park, but all I can muster is passing out by the front door with my legs in the air. I need a break.

Uh, here she comes again. Mom’s still looking for her jacket. But if she finds it, she’ll just have to start looking for my leash too because I stashed it behind the toilet. All of that hide and seek should buy me some time to get in a quick nap. Hopefully, she’ll just give up and I can have myself an afternoon coma.

No. More. Walking.

Not. Today.

Because there really is such a thing as too many parks.


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