Assessor reports on NACO conference

YORK – York County Assessor Kurt Bulgrin reported to the commissioners this past week some of the highlights from a recent legislative conference hosted by the Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO).

He represented York County during the session during which NACO officials talked about state legislative issues they will be watching/monitoring/addressing in the future.

“Some of the potential legislation NACO will be monitoring includes some charges in the way the pink postcards are distributed and how that new law is implemented; they will also be looking at how veteran service offices can expand services for veterans who didn’t serve during wartime; they would like to require the state to reimburse counties for courtroom security, as just a few. Granted, their priorities might change over the course of time.”

Bulgrin made his report during the regular commissioners’ meeting.

The purpose of NACO is to “serve as an association for all Nebraska county officials. To stimulate and contribute to continuing improvement of county government throughout the state, including specifically increased efficiency and economy, and an even higher standard of public service through the medium of county government for the ultimate benefit, common good and general welfare of Nebraska county residents.”

NACO is a non-profit organization intended to represent the interests of all elected and appointed county officials in the state.

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