Commissioners approve vehicle exemption, discuss number of exempted entities

YORK – This past week, the York County Commissioners discussed a request for a vehicle exemption filed by York University for a 2020 Toyota Camry – and eventually got to a discussion about the number of entities in the county that are tax exempt.

They approved the exemption for York University.

Afterward, Commissioner Stan Boehr said, “I wonder if they recognize all the county provides for them and they get it all for free, without paying any taxes. I just wonder if they appreciate it.”

“As well as all the other entities that don’t pay taxes,” added Commissioner Woody Ziegler.

“Things are tight and we give away things here and there,” Boehr said.

“If you remember, during our pink postcard meeting, one of the questions was how many entities are exempt in the county, how many are not contributing to the county,” Ziegler said.

“It seems like we have no say,” added Boehr.

Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier said the entities that are declared tax exempt are statutorily – at the state level – approved.

“So we have go to up the line to get it changed,” Boehr said.

There are many tax-exempt entities in the county. The following is a list of those tax-exempt entities:

  • Greenwood Cemetery Association
  • Blue Valley Community Action
  • Columbus Rescue Mission
  • Cornerstone Sports Complex
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles – York Aerie
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Grace Children’s Home
  • Grace Mission
  • Gresham Community Club
  • Henderson Health Care Services
  • Irvin J. Blum Post #1609
  • Kilgore Memorial Library Foundation
  • League of Human Dignity Building Corporation
  • Masonic Temple company
  • Mosaic
  • Mosaic Housing Corporation
  • Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School
  • Nebraska Lutheran High School Association
  • Region V Foundation
  • Tabitha Inc.
  • Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran
  • Regional V Foundation
  • Tabitha
  • Wessels Living History Farm
  • York Adopt A Pet
  • York General Health Care Services
  • York Lodge #1204 BPOE (Elks Lodge)
  • Four Corners Public Health Department
  • Henderson Heritage and Tourism
  • McCool Junction Iron Horse Station
  • York College (York University)
  • Yorkshire Playhouse
  • Arbor Drive Community Church
  • Assembly of God Church of York
  • Benedict United Methodist Church
  • Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Bethesda Mennonite Church
  • Calvary Bible Church
  • Community Bible Church of Lushton
  • Council 1708 Bldg Corp and Knights of Columbus
  • East Hill Church of Christ
  • Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church of Henderson
  • Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, York
  • First Evangelical Lutheran Church, McCool Junction
  • First Presbyterian Church of York
  • First Untied Methodist Church of York
  • Mennonite Brethren Church, Henderson
  • German Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Great Plains Community Church, York
  • Lifewalk Church of Christ
  • McCool Junction Community Church
  • Mennnonite Brethren Church
  • Ministerios Pentecostas Maranatha
  • Peace Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, Waco
  • Pentecostal Church of God, York
  • Presbyterian Church of Gresham
  • Presbyterian Memorial Foundation, York
  • John’s Evangelical Church, Waco
  • Joseph’s Church, York
  • Patrick’s Catholic Church, McCool
  • The Catholic Bishop of Lincoln, McCool
  • Trustees of First Congregational Church, Arborville
  • Trustees of Council Union Church
  • Trustees of Presbyterian Church of Gresham
  • Trustees of United Methodist Church
  • Trustees of United Methodist Church, Bradshaw
  • United Methodist Church of Bradshaw
  • York Congregational of Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • York Evangelical Free Church
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