Questions of the Week — Readers ask about night noise, jail, pools and turkey hunting

The following questions were asked recently by inquiring readers:


Q: Someone in my neighborhood has been working to restore a vehicle in his garage. And that’s fine. The problem is there is so much noise at night, after 10 o’clock, it’s become a problem. Does the City of York have any rules about that?

A: Section 23-2 of the municipal code says it is illegal for any person to operate a motor-driven or operated lawn mower, or to engage in any construction or demolition work within the city between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

If the noise continues to be a major problem, the reader can always contact the city and/or the police department about the matter.


Q: How many people can the York County Jail accommodate at one time?

A: It’s top capacity is 37 inmates; however, corrections try to keep the number around 30 so there is space to take in people as they are arrested and middle-of-the-night transfers don’t have to be made.


Q: How many private in-ground pools are in York?

A: The city does not have a pool registration database to track the requested information.


Q: I was recently at the York Country Club and I have to say what a wonderful place it is. How long has York had its country club?

A: According to the York Country Club history, which was written many years ago by Dean Sack, the York Country Club was created in 1921. It did not become well established until about 1941, according to historical accounts.


Q: Thank you for the feature about Greenwood Cemetery needing contributions. It reminded us that this non-profit entity needs us to make donations there as well. My question is how long has Greenwood Cemetery existed in York?

A: Greenwood Cemetery in York has been an active cemetery since 1882.


Q: What does it mean when people are cited for assault by mutual consent?

A: Assault by mutual consent means a person assaulted another person who also assaulted the first person back. In other words – two people physically fighting with the end result being both being cited with a misdemeanor charge of assault by mutual consent.


Q: I was driving down South Lincoln Avenue and saw a sign in the median which read, “No mowing zone.” What does that mean and why is it there?

A: The medians down South Lincoln Avenue have been planted with wild flowers and native prairie grasses. This was done through a beautification grant a number of years ago. By now mowing, the plants are allowed to take hold and re-seed themselves.


Q: When will the grand jury convene regarding the death of the inmate found in the York County Jail?

A: Grand jury proceedings are private and details such as this are not made public. However, after the grand jury convenes and makes a decision, that ruling will be announced.


Q: I heard somewhere that the COVID-19 vaccination cards are no longer being printed and aren’t necessary any longer.

A: According to the Associated Press, “The once critical white COVID-19 vaccination cards are being phased out. Vaccines are not being distributed by the federal government anymore, so the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stopped printing new cards. People can still get proof of vaccination from a doctor or state health department. Some states have online options that create a QR code.”


Q: Is it true Kansas cancelled its fall turkey hunting season?

A: Yes, it is true.

Officials say Kansas has documented “consistent declines” in turkey populations over the last 15 years, due to urbanization and habitat loss from extreme weather events like drought and flooding.

Incidentally, Mississippi also canceled its turkey season, according to the National Wild Turkey Federation.


Q: Why did John Murante leave his position as Nebraska State Treasurer?

A: He resigned in order to become the director of the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems.





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