“Paradise Mills” property details cleaned up so land can be sold near Thayer

YORK COUNTY – The county commissioners dove into a strange situation this week, in which they were asked to officially relinquish any county ownership regarding land near Thayer once called “Paradise Mills” by the late owner. The purpose of the relinquishment was to clean up the title so it can be properly sold.

“This is regarding a piece of property just north of Thayer, which was owned by a gentleman who passed away,” explained York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier. “In the 1970s, he (the owner) tried to file for the property to be officially called Paradise Mills and some other things, and in doing so, he notarized his own name and there were some other things not done properly. All this does is that the county relinquishes rights which we didn’t have anyway. This just cleans it up so the adjoining neighbors can purchase the property. This was brought to us by the title company, they just wanted to make sure the county relinquished any potential of holding any of it, even though we didn’t have anything anyway. This is just to clean it up.”

The commissioners agreed to sign off, saying the county has no claim to the property, which will allow for an easier property sale in the long run.

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