Holthus Convention Center playground getting lots of use by little ones

YORK – For the 2022-23 fiscal year, Terri Carlson (director of the city-owned Holthus Convention Center) asked the administration and council to budget a playground at the convention center property.

She’d asked before, in recent years, but it was put on the back burner.

Last year, however, the project was given a green light and it was installed this summer.

Now that it’s up, it’s evident that it is getting a lot of use.

Just this past weekend, dozens of little ones crawled on its every inch, as they have during weddings and other events since it was installed.

The playground was constructed by Sourcewell with a price tag of $77,278, which was under the $80,000 amount which had been budgeted earlier.

The playground is located in the northwest corner of the facility, an area that does not see a lot of vehicular traffic. The main parking/driving area for the convention center is on the south side of the facility – far away from the playground area.

As explained during the budget process by Carlson, “A large number of our events involve children and having an outdoor area where they can roam would reduce the amount of running around the building, jumping on tables, chairs and couches, and having kids playing behind the donor wall.”

Yes, even playing behind the donor wall. While it sounds like a quite a feat to wedge oneself between the wall and the glass donor plates in the lobby, it has been achieved dozens of times by little ones of just the right size. And sometimes removing them has been a feat in itself each time it happened.

This particular outdoor playground is suited toward 5-12-year-old kids – although kids of all ages can be seen taking advantage of it.

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