A Paws For Pets — In memory of Paulette

By LaMoine Roth, York Adopt A Pet

I named her Paulette. She was brought to my house several days after showing up at a home in Waco.

She was a beautiful Calico with large gold eyes. I knew immediately she was ill, but only when I picked her up did I realize the extent of her weakness. She was not only thin but was emaciated. Her fur was dry and clumped on her back but she immediately snuggled in my arms.

I made her a bed with a soft blanket and she nestled down in the heating pad. I was able to get her into YAC. Dr. Koch examined her. He has had years of experience and even he remarked on how thin she was. You could feel every bone, as she was a mere 4.5 pounds. As I was holding her while Dr. Koch examined her, I was shocked to find she had been declawed, so this proves to me she at one time had a home. A decision had to be made. Since she had no upper respiratory issues.

Dr. Koch checked her temperature and it was normal. The first thing that needed to be done was a feline leukemia test. Dr. Koch mentioned checking her blood for kidney or liver issues. So I sat down to wait. He finally came out and said she was negative on her feline leukemia test which was a relief. He then showed me her blood work and said he was surprised her test was good, a couple of things were shown as being a little high or low but all in all it looked good. He gave her 60 CCs of SubQ fluids.

I have taken care of many malnourished cats and kittens but Paulette was one of the worst cases I have seen. We discussed food and Dr. Koch said I shouldn’t push food too quickly to give her system time to accept food again. She probably had not eaten very much in several weeks. He said to monitor her and she had a chance to pull through because she had no other illness except for the loss of weight and muscle.

No one likes to read about the other side of rescue, it always makes one feel good to hear a success story or as I like to call it a happy ending. But in rescue, as in life, there are not always happy endings. I know Paulette had the will to live but within two days I knew her body was shutting down. I held her as she slipped away. As I held her, she had a paw on my arm. This beautiful loving cat had starved to death. We ask ourselves how could this happen, who would be so cruel to put a cat that has no protection? Was she lost?

There were several Calico cats reported missing in our area, but none of them matched the pictures our photographer, Diane Wolfe, had taken of Paulette.

I don’t know what more I could say about Paulette. She was beautiful, sweet and lovable. She didn’t deserve the life that was handed to her. Cats and kittens are at the mercy of our human race. I can’t imagine what transpired between her having a home and then dying in a shelter from starvation. I am just so glad someone cared enough to reach out and help. She knew warmth and love in the last days of her life. That is why many rescuers get to the point they can’t handle anymore suffering and mistreated cats and dogs.

I haven’t reached that point and doubt I ever will. In memory of Paulette I hope those reading this article respond if they see a stray cat. Report the cat, reach out to get them help. York Adopt A Pet always welcomes new volunteers, either to work at the building or foster in your home. Be the voice for those with no voice. I know there are more caring people in our world but unfortunately there are those who have no conscience. Paulette is now in a better place and I truly believe there is a rainbow bridge cats like Paulette will cross. I am glad that I was with her when she began her journey.

Kat and Brownie with their two siblings, Kit and Mary Jane, along with their mother LaRay were rescued at about the same time as Paulette. They too have a story and hopefully for them it will be a happy ending. Paulette won’t be forgotten.

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