The World According to Rico – Oh how I love love

Love is a weird emotion, isn’t it? I mean, it is so profoundly powerful it really drives our lives, right?

As a puppy, I do the dumbest things just because I want to please the people I love. I walk around attached to a leash and pretend to shake hands and act like I want to chase a ball. How dumb is that? But the truth is I only do these things because I’m so in love with these weird people in my lives. And I appreciate they love me back.

People say love makes the world go round. Well, no, love doesn’t make the world go round – scientists would say that is completely not true. But it sure does dictate what we do and how we live, doesn’t it?

While I might sound a little cynical about love, I’m certainly not. I’m just trying my hand at some puppy comedy, which I know needs to be developed a bit. But in all honesty, thank God for love because it brings out the best in all of us.

Experts say love lives in a special part of the brain and the feelings we have are a mix of hormones and other types of strange biological happenings. But I think it actually comes from the heart, because mine sure does skip a beat when I see my dad pull up at the end of the day or my mom come to scratch my armpits when I wake up from a nap. There is nothing better than licking my mom’s face in the morning or biting my dad’s fingers when he lifts me into bed at 5:30 a.m. every day. My heart literally feels like it will explode with love.

And I’m a witness to lots of love. Tons of it. Probably more than any dog should endure.

I get to witness “the placing of chairs” every week while my folks and Aunt Leenie put out the white sitting apparatus for weddings. Such care is given to placement; the flower arrangements are tenderly handled; the brides look so lovely as they anticipate their romantic day ahead.

It really does make me feel kind of gushy inside. I don’t know if that’s even a word, but that’s how I feel. I’m only there for the early morning work and then I’m whisked away because no one wants to have a dog rolled in morning dew mingling with the guests.

But before I go, I imagine how pretty that lady will look, as she walks in all white down the courtyard bricks, toward the flowing white drapes with blooms in her hands. I think about the guy standing among the vines, beaming at the lady, marveling at the fact he got her to love him back. I wonder how hard their folks will cry, because they are thankful their kids found their soulmates. And I really love the idea of the little flower girls throwing out those rose petals – because I can return the next day, to play with the remnants left behind.

Mostly, I reflect on how a wedding is a gesture of love – marked as a first day for the rest of a couple’s lives. It’s a day of hope and history, celebration and excitement . . . and so much love. It’s the start of a family, it’s a continuation of a love story.

Oh, my little heart might burst.

No matter how many times I see the white chairs and the flowers, I tear up. I just do. It’s just such a special moment, even if the sun is just coming up when we are getting ready and the bridal couple doesn’t even see what we are doing.

I’m just a puppy, so I don’t know much.

But I do know that I really, really love love.



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