Three of five commissioners say no to special liquor license for event

YORK – Three of five York County Commissioners have said no to recommending approval of a special liquor license for a local event.

They were asked, this week, to give a recommendation to the state liquor commission for approval of a special liquor license for Blended Distiller LLC to serve alcohol at an event at Wessels Living History Farm which will be held on Oct. 6.

When the matter came up for consideration during this week’s county board meeting, the applicant (Derek Keller) wasn’t immediately present and the county board members said they hadn’t received his paperwork or application.

They tabled the matter and when he arrived, they took up the matter.

Keller explained how a special area at the farm would be used for the sale and consumption of alcohol during the special event, and he would be charging for each drink as well as monitoring consumption.

“Volunteers will be checking IDs as this is a 21 and over event,” Keller said.

He also provided his application to the commissioners at that point.

Commissioner Jack Sikes asked if law enforcement officers would be present, as the word “patrolling of the area” was used in the application. Keller said no, as the availability of officers is limited and sometimes the presence of law enforcement creates a negative response from attendees.

Sikes responded with, “law enforcement does not incite situations, create issues. Officers don’t create problems and this would be a state-issued license.”

“This is private property and they really can’t be on there,” Keller responded, again stating volunteers would be monitoring the situation.

“If something bad happens, are we liable?” asked Commissioner Stan Boehr.

Keller said he solely would be liable if that was the case, but precautions/preventions were being planned.

“Our decision is only for a recommendation to the state, it’s only a formality on our end and the state issues the special license,” Obermier said, before moving to approve which was seconded by Grotz.

However, Commissioners Sikes, Boehr and Woody Ziegler voted no.

Keller can still apply with the state liquor commission, just without the county commissioners’ recommendation of approval.


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