Following storm repair, residents reminded to put their house numbers back

YORK – The York County Assessor’s office is reminding York County residents to return their address numbers to the front of their houses, once storm repair is complete.

Most residences in the county have already undergone repair work – to include the replacement of siding – since last year’s devastating hail storms. Some houses have yet to be done, but will likely be completed before the winter arrives.

And once that siding work is done, it’s being noticed by the assessor’s office that a lot of the address numbers haven’t been returned to the outside of the house.

They said those numbers are crucial for their office, to positively identify properties, and they are also very important for emergency response.

They are simply asking residents if their house numbers had to be taken down for siding work that they be returned when the work is done – or be placed on the mailbox or another visible location outside.


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