A Paws for Pets — Chance

By LaMoine Roth, York Adopt A Pet

We named him Chance, I so wanted to see that he had a chance at life.

If you read last week’s Paws for Pets article, it explained how he and another slightly older kitten named Champ arrived at my doorstep. They were part of a colony of cats from a town in York County. Champ had a badly injured eye and now as you are reading this article, Champ is at York Animal Clinic having the infected eye removed. He will feel so much better and is in great hands. He will be a normal little kitten just minus an eye.

Chance was so tiny he fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. He had the biggest blue eyes and his black and white fur was long and soft. He stole my heart at first glance. Chance was a cuddler, Chance loved to be as close to you as possible. Chance had such a strong will to live. He had such a strong appetite and sweet personality. His balance and coordination were looked at when I first took him to YAC and Dr. Koch said he showed symptoms of vestibular. It was not life threatening but Dr. Koch said he needed to gain weight with lots of TLC.

I continue to use his name as much as possible when I speak of him because I don’t want Chance to be forgotten.

Chance would see me coming and he would stagger up, fall down but just as quickly jumped up to continue his way to me. Chance was always wanting to eat. Although he ate well, received medications and the other kittens rallied around him I could see him slowly fading.

Chance was with me for 25 days; if he would have been for two or 225 days, his presence would have left a spot in my heart. After eating he would stagger back to his little comfort bed to lay down. Before he could get settled in, one of the other kittens would lay next to him. They would groom him and they would cuddle next to him. It was as if they knew he needed them.

On his last night, I held him as he slowly slipped away. This type of death in kittens is called Fading Kitten Syndrome which basically means they slip away regardless of what you can do. Sometimes it is instantaneous and other times it takes a while. I just know however long you are in animal rescue, it never gets any easier when you lose a cat or kitten you are desperately trying to save.

Chance was special just as every kitten is special. It might sound cliché but the other kittens were aware and came to lay on my lap with Chance. I can tell myself at least he wasn’t alone, he had health care, food and he was not laying in an alley crossing the bridge alone. He experienced love and companionship from the other kittens.

Even though I couldn’t save Chance and Chance would never be adopted into his new home, he WAS adopted into his forever home. And even though Chance’s passing has been difficult it won’t make me quit. I have heard people remark they will never adopt another dog or cat because when you lose them it’s too heartbreaking. The time spent with a pet or a rescue animal is worth the possibility of losing them.

I truly believe there is life after death for humans as well as pets. When they are loved in this life, how could our lives be perfect in the afterlife if you didn’t have those you have loved, both humans and pets. Rest easy little Chance.


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