The world according to Rico – Never give up!

When a goal is super hard, it’s really easy to give up.

It’s really easy to just throw up your hands (or paws, as in my case) and say enough is enough.

For example, being a puppy, there are so many expectations of me! I’m supposed to do certain things only when outside and somehow communicate my needs to the human beings in my house so those proper deeds can be achieved. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. Some days I just say what the heck and subsequently spend hours of hearing the word “No” surrounded by the smell of cleaning solution.

Take my mom, for example. So many times she has said she’s going to give up smoking. She hates that she does it, but she just can’t seem to quit. She tries to limit where and when it happens, so maybe to curb that awful habit, but she still ends up doing what she’s tried to stop.

I know people who try to stop eating junk food or drinking pop. They know it isn’t good for them, yet they just want to indulge now and again because it is entertaining to their palates and makes their stomachs feel satisfied.

There are people who say they are committed to working out more. For a few weeks, they get up earlier and head out to walk or go to a place called the gym. I even see them some mornings, power walking, while I’m doing the same before the sun even comes up. There are those who stick with it and others who start sleeping in or saying they don’t have enough time to squeeze in some exercise.

My mom swears she is going to do a better job of weeding her garden next year, as she sighs while looking at her wild mess in the back yard. She had a good start – I saw it. I arrived when the garden was pristine and clean and beautiful. But then I showed up, as well as a couple of new jobs and a couple of national cattle shows she had to work – to be followed by daily rains and more work. The result is a jungle I won’t even venture into. When she goes out there and comes back with boxes of produce, I’m amazed because I don’t know how she even finds it. Or remembers where things were planted. But she says next year will be different. I guess we will see. Meanwhile, the arrival of the weed whacker is currently on the agenda.

The folks always said they would tackle the black hole also known as the spare bedroom, clean it up and make it a more sane space in the house. Years went by and it never was accomplished. It appeared to be the destination of all non-pertinent things. Then Labor Day happened and amazingly they had no work on that Monday. So they spent hours hauling out old and weird stuff. That longtime goal was finally achieved – or at least I think it was. I’m not allowed inside those hallowed walls so I haven’t witnessed it myself.

Some people say they will wash their vehicle more often, yet still can’t see out the windows.

Others plan to take more time to relax, yet they work harder just trying to create the time than they would have otherwise.

My point in all this is that while it’s good to have goals, it’s also realistic to see we all fail sometimes but it’s worth it to keep going. The achievement at the end just might happen, as well as the satisfaction of fulfilling a promise made to yourself.

Oh, I have to stop this column now! I have to go outside for an emergency visit. See! Even I can achieve a goal once in a while! Just never give up!


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