Coming together to grow

By Lisa Hurley, CEcD, York County Development Corporation

As the economic development arm for York County and our communities, YCDC works hard to bring economic growth to York County. We work on recruiting businesses, business expansions and start-ups, housing, childcare, and retaining/recruiting residents, all resulting in increased county tax revenue. These activities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services we provide.

The Small Business Insights tool, Size Up | York County has been used by over 250 entrepreneurs and small businesses in the past year.  In the past five years, YCDC has assisted existing businesses with expansions that have resulted in over $80 million in investment, and around 80 jobs. Seven businesses moving into York County resulted in nearly $40 million in investment and 71 jobs. Start-ups have resulted in nearly $4 million in investment as well. On top of that, we have participated in over $18 million investment in new housing developments, and have been involved in several quality-of-life activities. Overall, we have well over $200,000,000 in capital investment alone since I’ve been here. Those are the investments that hit the property tax rolls and do not count the payroll, operating or other expenses that go into a project. These numbers show that YCDC has directly increased our property tax base revenue. Plus, our population is growing!  According to the attached graph (Lightcast Q2 2023 Data Set), “As of 2022, the region’s population increased by 5.9% since 2017, growing 815. Population is expected to increase by 9.5% between 2022 and 2022, adding 1,386.”

Projects we have been involved in include A+ Construction, Beaver Creek Products, BGIN USA, CVA, Klute Inc., Preferred Snacks, Levander Body Shop, Nutrition Services, PTUSA-York, Sukup Manufacturing, the York County Owner Occupied housing project, expansions at York Cold Storage, York Creekside Apartments, several childcare expansions/start-ups, and many others. We have worked hard to connect our existing businesses with grants, including prototype and expansion funding.

We are also very involved in housing and talent, as we need both to fulfill our business needs. We work hard on retaining, partnering to develop, and recruiting talent. Did you know we have a national talent ad that follows the YNT? That allows alumni or people looking at our area to see our website where we host our Why York County videos, job openings, and many other talent-related items.

I cannot wait to share what we have in the works right now. We are very fortunate to receive local support, and have many partners, as we could not achieve our goals without collaboration and funding. I want to thank all of our funders and partners (or should I say partners in growth?). We could not make the impact we are without you!

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