A Paws For Pets — Take a chance on Champ

By LaMoine Roth, York Adopt A Pet

Rescue can have a mixed amount of emotions.

Recently I received two little guys who had not been given much hope of survival. They are not related.

Chance was only approximately 10 days old and weighed mere ounces. His appetite has been extraordinarily good, he is always ready for food and attacks it as though it might be his last. He has gained very little weight and is approximately the same size as when he was brought to my front door. His will to survive is strong and I will do everything to help him achieve his goal.

Accompanying him to my door was Champ, a sweet little grey kitten who had a very infected left eye. He was not a litter-mate and I would guess he was about three months old.

They were fortunate that a kind-hearted woman took pity on their plight knowing how living in an area with so many feral cats meant their survival chances were slim. Living as a feral cat is hard enough but being extremely small or with an injury or infection, it is impossible for these “throw away cats” to survive.

After having Chance and Champ checked out at York Animal Clinic, they said they need lots of TLC and time to put on some weight. I am giving them everything it takes to make this happen. As soon as Champ gains a little more weight, we will have his eye removed. It is not giving him any pain but there is the possibility it might in the future and we don’t want to second guess.

I wish I could feature each and every cat and kitten who has come to York Adopt a Pet in dire need. They each have a story and a personality. They are the ones that society has failed, they have no voice and no choices. They are at the mercy of hope someone will help them. Thankfully Chance and Champ were given opportunity when they were rescued and brought to York Adopt a Pet. It is stressful to see the pain and suffering these innocent little kittens have endured, and it only makes us more determined to give them the care and love they so desperately need.

Thank you to each and every person who has contacted me by calling and knocking at my door about rescuing a kitten, a whole litter or a single cat. Through the years there have been so many rescue angels. I can’t begin to name everyone but I want you to all know you have made a difference in the lives of so many “throw away” cats and kittens. I also want to thank everyone who has donated food, toys, supplies and especially those who have volunteered their time and energy.

Hopefully Chance and Champ will be another success story.


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