York man pleads not guilty to operating vehicle to avoid arrest

YORK – Jose Mendoza, 37, of York, has pleaded not guilty to charges of operating a vehicle to avoid arrest and willful reckless driving.

His arraignment was held in York County District Court this past week.

The case began when a deputy with the York County Sheriff’s Department was on regular patrol on Highway 34 west of Waco. Court documents indicate Mendoza was driving the vehicle and was going nearly 90 mph when the deputy saw him and turned around to follow in order to conduct a traffic stop.

The deputy’s affidavit says Mendoza began driving even faster at that point, going over 100 mph.

The deputy attempted to stop Mendoza, by activating his emergency lights, but he continued westbound traveling at speeds over 100 mph. During that time, court documents indicate Mendoza passed another vehicle and then drive through the intersection of Highway 81 and Road 15. Then Mendoza allegedly went south on Highway 81, at speeds registered at 111 mph.

According to court documents, once Mendoza saw another deputy approaching from the north, he slowed down and eventually stopped.

He was arrested at that point.

A jury trial has been set for late December.


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