14th Street construction underway

Aerial photos by Eric Eckert

YORK – Street reconstruction on 14th Street between Nebraska Avenue and East Avenue is underway.

The stretch is currently closed for street removal and replacement.

York Public Works Director James Paul said the 14th Street project is “split into three phases with a timeframe of approximately 4-6 weeks, of course dependent on weather. The phases are from Nebraska Avenue to East Avenue; East Avenue to the middle of the Arbor Court area (to allow for residential egress on the east side for all residents); and the middle of the Arbor Court area to Blackburn Avenue 9to allow for residential egress on the west side for all residents).”

He said he anticipates a finish time of Sept. 25 for full completion of 14th Street.

James explained how the asphalt street is being replaced due to deterioration. He also noted the area of East Avenue to Blackburn Avenue is being widened to 34 inches to match existing road width between Nebraska and East Avenues.

“Residents within the construction area have been notified with flyers posted at their homes,” Paul said. “Residents who access their properties directly from 14th Street have been directed to park on side streets outside of the construction area, identified on a map included with their flyers. Residents within Arbor Court will be able to access their residences from either the east or the west entrances, depending on the construction phase.”


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