York County asks Fillmore for a slightly larger contribution for share of veterans’ services

YORK – For several years now, York County and Fillmore County have had an interlocal agreement in order to share the cost of veterans’ services.

In other words, York County employs Nick Wollenburg as the veterans’ services officer and Fillmore County contributes to his salary so he can serve their area as well.

“In preparation for our upcoming audit, we were looking at all our interlocal agreements and we found this one was signed in 2017 but it hasn’t been revisited since then,” explained York County Commissioner Randy Obermier.

When the agreement was first signed, the veterans’ service officer was being paid $47,000 and Fillmore County paid in $20,000 of that. The service officer is now paid $56,000, but Fillmore County’s share has never been increased – simply because it hadn’t been revisited since then.

“I think it would make sense to ask them to pay a slight increase, as we are paying more too,” Obermier said, noting he already had a conversation with the chairman of the Fillmore County board, who was in complete understanding of the topic at hand.

“So when this started, they were paying 43% of the cost to York County,” said Commissioner Daniel Grotz. “So I think a small increase would be warranted and they will likely agree.”

“I think we also need to revisit this agreement every three to five years,” Obermier added.

“Was that original figure based on population?” asked Commissioner Woody Ziegler.

“No, it was just set at that amount,” Wollenburg said, adding that Fillmore County officials had talked about going to $25,000 and then going up $2,000 each year to be revisited in a few years. “Their chairman was 100% on board with this, when I talked with him.”

Wollenburg explained how he is physically in Fillmore County one day a week, while also taking calls from Fillmore County veterans while he is in York. There is also a person in Fillmore County who works as an assistant in the veterans’ service office.

“It’s been a great partnership so far,” Wollenburg said.

The York County Commissioners agreed to ask Fillmore County to increase their contribution to $25,000 and for the counties to revisit the agreement every three years.

The agreement will now be sent to Fillmore County, for consideration by their county officials.

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