Man caught with 38 pounds of marijuana jailed prior to sentencing

YORK – A California man caught with 38 pounds of high-grade marijuana in York County was jailed this past week and he will remain there until he cooperates with probation in preparation of his pre-sentence report.

Horacio Garcia-Farias, 36, of Tulare, California, was to be sentenced this past week but his bond was revoked and he was remanded to the custody of the sheriff’s department pending the completion of the PSI.

Sentencing was postponed until Oct. 30.

He was initially charged with high level felonies but those were amended to one low-level felony as part of a plea agreement. He is facing a possible maximum sentence of two years in prison.

The case began when a trooper with the Nebraska State Patrol saw Farias’ vehicle on Interstate 80, noting some issues with the license place and brake lights, as well as some traffic violations.

A traffic stop was initiated.

According to court documents, the trooper could see two very large, very full duffel bags in the third-row seats, while he was speaking with Farias who was alone in the vehicle. It is also noted that the trooper found Farias to be quite nervous while they were having a conversation.

A consensual search was conducted and in the duffel bags, troopers found 38.6 pounds of marijuana.



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