Automated arms to be installed at Road K railroad crossing, after three fatal train/vehicle collisions

YORK – After decades of discussion among concerned citizens, county officials and local law enforcement, it has been announced that automated arms will finally be installed at the Road K railroad crossing just northwest of York.

York County Highway Superintendent Harvey Keim made the announcement this week, during his regular report to the county commissioners.

Keim said he recently met with representatives of the Burlington Santa Fe Railroad and the Nebraska Department of Transportation, about that crossing and safety concerns.

He said the state and the railroad will be putting in the crossing arms, “and it will not cost the county anything.”

In the past, it was noted, the county has had to financially participate in the installation of arms at other problematic crossings.

“That won’t be the case this time,” Keim said. “They prioritized this crossing because there have been three fatalities there.”

Three people have died in recent years at that crossing, after their vehicles collided with trains. There have also been a number of non-fatal accidents at that crossing, in which people were injured but not killed. And there were earlier fatalities over the past decades.

“Unfortunately, there had to be fatalities in order for it to become a priority,” said Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier. “Are there any other crossings in York County they are looking at?”

Keim said there was a conversation about the crossing at Road O, but he said state and railroad officials “did not see enough issues to prioritize it at this time.”



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