City purchases three parcels of land for new industrial park

YORK – After months of negotiations, the City of York has entered an agreement with Barcliste Farms LLC to purchase three large parcels of land just northwest of the city for new industrial park area.

This will allow the city to hold the land for industrial development, which will be marketed by the York County Development Corporation.

This land is along Highway 81, on the west side, and north of Highway 34. It is nearby the landfill property and adjacent to the railroad spur.

Following a public hearing Thursday night, the council agreed to purchase the three parcels, measuring 60.89 acres, 57 acres and 82 acres.

The city has agreed to pay $2,200,000 for parcels one and two; $1.400,000 for the third parcel.

This comes after the city completely sold out the former industrial park (which includes properties such as Champion Homes, the Hearthstone, CVA central office, etc.).

Then the city quickly sold the land it acquired as the next industrial park between Division Avenue and the Nebraska Public Power District operations center. This land was sold to a data mining company and Wy-Ad.

Now, this new purchase will allow the city to hold the land for further industrial development.

“This is the land in the northwest part of town and it’s very exciting,” said Mayor Barry Redfern.

“I thank you and we are excited you are honoring your commitment to owning industrial land for development,” said Lisa Hurley, executive director of the York County Development Corporation.

“We are excited to buy it, it will be even more exciting when you sell it,” Redfern said to Hurley.

This land is particularly appealing for development, considering its proximity to the railroad spur and the locations of the two highways.

The money to pay for this property is within a land acquisition account the city has held for a long time. When land within the municipality’s industrial parks areas was sold, that money was placed in the fund for the future acquisition for more land. The practice was started decades ago and continues today, to ensure the city continues moving toward expansion.

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