County’s property inventory comes in at $24 million

YORK – Each year, the county commissioners are presented an inventory list, to approve with a resolution, which reflects the value of real, tangible property owned by the county.

This year’s total came to just over $24 million.

Total property within the courthouse itself came to a value of $3,034,629. This can be attributed to furniture, computers, equipment, etc.

The weed and county transportation property was valued at $375,451.

The road and bridge department property was valued at $8,326,045. This is a total including $3.1 million in motorgraders, $1 million in excavators and loaders, $1 million in county shop materials in the shop building and yard, as well as value attached to tractors, mowers, pickups, dump trucks, semi-trucks, trailers, grading equipment, radios, office supplies, the maintainer shed, bridge tools and surveyor equipment.

The courthouse and grounds are valued at $9.4 million and there is value assigned to communication towers, buildings for extension and area on aging, a fuel supply building, equipment storage buildings, generators, etc. This total comes to just under $12 million.

The county’s patrol sheds, located in the areas of Arborville, Thayer, Henderson, McCool Junction, Gresham, West Blue, Benedict, Bradshaw and Waco, are valued at $383,400.

The grand total of county property came to $24,050,790.

It is also noted the value of records in the courthouse vaults are not included, which cannot be estimated with any degree of accuracy. The resolution says “it is not unreasonable to assume the cost of reconstructing these records and replacing the books if destroyed would exceed $200,000.”


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