Board of equalization adjusts values for housing area

YORK – In accordance with a ruling from the Nebraska Tax Equalization Review Commission (TERC), the York County Commissioners have adjusted/lessened the valuation of a specific housing area in York.

The housing area is that of Yorktowne Estates, explained York County Assessor Kurt Bulgrin.

The TERC ruling required 14 tax roll corrections, which were made official this past week.

Bulgrin said the initial value was set several years ago, before he was the assessor, and the county’s valuation was appealed by the owners of the Yorktowne Estates.

If a property owner does not agree with the valuation that has been set for their property, they can protest it with the York County Commissioners sitting as the board of equalization and if they still don’t agree with their final ruling, they can appeal the valuation with TERC at the state level.

“These new values are the result of an appeal and negotiation,” Bulgrin explained to the county board members. “This is an order from TERC.”

He said it was his understanding that the valuation was to be lowered due to it being a subsidized housing area.

Bulgrin also noted his office would be receiving the county’s centrally assessed valuations next week.


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